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I hated school because I liked to daydream, and the system tried to stop me from that.

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Get a non-model to model and then when she gets there get her to model but not-model. That was the task of this studio day and Val rocked it! We had so much fun immortalising her as the ultimate early 90′s hip hop babe! In fact it was Val that inspired me with the idea for this shoot – well her and my school-girl love that never left me of girl rapsters the one and only Salt and Pepa! Oh yeah you know I gotta say it… Ah push it!


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DJ Valerie Yum interviewed here by musical partner in crime and best friend DJ Lux Comms aka Lux Brand brand aka Michi Sique, aka Michaela Sanders

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M. Do you remember when we very first met?

V. Yes it was really brief, I was about to play my set at Gaybash Halloween with Emma Mulholland and you playing before me. You were dressed as David Bowie, I was a nun.

M. I actually don’t remember that moment. A track you played that night?

V. Rude Boy by Rihanna

M. Seeing as the first time was a bit of a non-event, do you remember when we actually hung out?

V. We were at playground weekender, and it was towards the end of the night. I heard ‘All I wanna do’ by Sheryl Crowe and bolted to that tent. The person djing was you (Michaela) in a glow mesh top, and I was dressed as Minnie Mouse. We all hung out afterwards on a golf pitch and the rest is history.

M. Can you remember the first time we DJ’d together? And was one of the tracks?

V. Yes, we got booked by the Gaybash guys to play at Gaybash wedding, cause we were all friends. We were both dressed as brides. We swapped garters, and I still have yours.

M. Um, I don’t know where yours is. What was one of the songs we played?

V. Edward Collins – ‘Girl Like You’.

M. So by this time we were friends, but do you remember a moment when we became really solid friends?

V. Yes, it was over Policy of Truth by Depeche Mode at Ching-a-Lings.

M. Um no! That was in the kitchen at our friend Paul Bui’s birthday.. You put it on and I lost my [email protected] over this incredible track I hadn’t heard before. We both danced in the kitchen, just the two of us.

M. We eventually started putting on parties, one was called ‘Yes’ at Goodgod, and the other was ‘Happy House’ at Ching-a-lings. What was one of your most memorable nights?

V. Happy House Halloween – we called it ‘Say Cheese and Die’. We were both dressed as Trinity from The Matrix.

M. What was one of the songs from the night?

V. The track from the blood bath scene in Blade.

M. Oh yeah, we had bottles of fake blood we squirted all over each other while we were djing.. I remember that!

M. We’ve had so many songs we’ve bonded over. They’ve been really integral in building our friendship. What’s another song for you?

V. Yoo Hoo by Imperial Teen. We played it at the Pizza party DJ battle at The Standard. We didn’t win.

M. It’s definitely been a real journey, considering we both play quite different music now. What is one of the recent memorable gigs or moments we’ve shared, for you?

V. Icebergs New Years Day party. We’d just come off the Spice boat and had to DJ straight after that day.

M. Do you remember a track we played?

V. I don’t really.

M. Neither.