Blushing deeply for reasons untamed, the rivers ran with passion, freedom, love


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The formula, new model, old mansion, and clothes that scream. Beautiful dilapidated Rothiemay was our backdrop and home for the day, her overgrown grounds reminiscent of The Secret Garden. With a haunting Kate Bush soundtrack running through our minds, surrounded by tall trees and overgrown greenery we felt a world away from the not-so-far-off city. The beautiful Holly Rose fresh from NZ in one of her first editorial shoots was a dream, sweetly shy but shone like a star under the cameras gaze. Dodging the resident roaming goats (yes thats right goats) was the most challenging part of the shoot and for extra excitement the first time in my whole career my mum visited me on a shoot! So now we know that rouge is not just something that Diana Vreeland used on her cheeks….


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