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Photographer Jordan Graham Hair and Makeup Max May Model Nonny K Fashion Editor Tiana Wallace

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This shoot was the evolution of a holiday, the kind of holiday you never forget, the kind you fall in love on, where the wind flies through your hair and freedom reigns supreme. From these emotional heights, like stepping through the looking glass, a new world emerges for a brief moment in time. None of us wanted to leave in fact some of us left and came back, I had to do a shoot in order to justify the time away. At breakfast one morning we discussed this as the only obstacle to continued good times. Luckily we consisted of a photographer, hair and makeup artist and stylist, the only missing ingredient was a model so we decided to streetcast a girl from the beachside country town that was our temporary abode. We went to a local store on our way home and all separately spotted the same girl behind the counter, this within 15 minutes of the original conversation. With that much luck on our side we had found the gorgeous Nonny – who turned out to be the sister of a good friend of ours! – and a few days later we went to my my favourite beach in the world for the shoot. The images you see here encase the feelings of the time, youth, freedom and the world through rose coloured glass.


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Nars Stylo Eyeliner /


‘Precisely drawing out eye lines and dotting beauty marks’

Illustration by Tanya Ling. Image from Nars. Collage by Beauté Gazette


Jewelry Designer \ morgan sibbald

BonfireVanities Editor Tiana Wallace interviews her friend jewelery designer Morgan Sibbald of UK jewelery label

Zoe and Morgan


Photographer Sam Hendel Sittings Editor Tiana Wallace Morgan was photographed in Bali, Indonesia 2013

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As long as Ive known Morgan he has always loved crystals, talked about crystals, bought crystals, sent me pictures of crystals, and of course worked with crystals. My favourite story of his is how he ended up in a bath full of crystals in India and that is how he became a jewellery designer.

The way I understand it his crystal obsession is combined with an obsession with light and the way ancient light from the universe has been captured and compressed and stored in these beautiful shiny naturally graphic shaped rocks that we call crystals. I think he sees the world through crystals and that is what gives him a special kind of magic!


T.W. What do you think about these things?
M.S. Ocean – I love the ocean I will never miss a chance for a swim! Life on our planet began in the ocean its waters bring life.

M.S. Light – The subtle differences in light are distinctive features of each place – when I think of a country and a season I think of its essential quality of light

M.S. Sun – I can see why so many ancient cultures worshiped the sun, the sun bring light life and warmth into our lives

M.S. Crystals – I have loved crystals since I was a child  – we used to go looking for them with my dad, scrambling around on river beds and breaking open geodes. I am fainted with crystals particularly from more exotic stones like Tanzanite Diamond and Emerald.

M.S. Triangles – Geometry is fascinating its the building blocks of our material world

M.S. Prisms – prisms make rainbows and we can never have to many rainbows!

T.W. Your obsession with crystals – how did this start?

M.S. My first memories of crystals are my dads collection i used to spend hours looking at them all
T.W. Tell me about your latest creations and inspirations – my new collection is called Map of an invisible world it’s all about the stars and based on a trip I did through the far east of Indonesia. I slept on the upper deck with the milky way as my blanket.

T.W. Whats your favourite moment in life?

M.S. NOW is my favourite moment its the one with the biggest potential!

T.W. Your favourite object?

M.S.An Avilotikeshvara statue I got in Nepal I set it with rubies and emeralds, its very beautiful.

T.W. What are you looking forward to?

M.S. I want to go to the Museum of comparative anatomy in Paris, I am heading there tomorrow!

T.W. Your favourite shape?

M.S. Octogon, hexagon, triangle … I love all the basic geometric forms – they are the building blocks of the physical world

T.W. Your favourite place on earth?

M.S. Its a tricky question but I think the place I went this year that touched me most was Taksang the tigers lair temple in Bhutan its on the edge of a cliff high up a mountain side and its a very special blessed place with amazing artefacts and history – I was lucky and I was welcomed into some sections that are normally locked up.

T.W. Your favourite song/music right now?

M.S. Beach House – “Teen Dream”    Theophilus London – “wine and chocolate” (Andhim remix) The Rolling Stones “she is like a rainbow”

T.W. Whats inspiring you now?

M.S.I have been loving going to Antiques markets recently – I went to Kempton Park yesterday and got some amazing pieces!

T.W.What are you drawn to?

M.S. Love, light, freedom and creativity.

T.W. What books have you read lately?

M.S.Wolf Totem by Jiang Rong

T.W. Films watched?

M.S. I don’t watch many films but I did enjoy “Stoker” by a director I admire Park Chan-Wook

T.W What are you interested in right now?

M.S. At the moment I am loving Yoga and cooking at home