TRIBUTE  is our directory of conscious organisations who inspire us and are collectively having immense

positive impact on a global scale.

This is BONFIRE\VANITIES acknowledgement and support of the great work they do for humanity and the planet.

We pay TRIBUTE to you.




NEST A New York based foundation supporting artisans through fellowships with seasoned fashion industry professionals and providing a platform for brands to utilise artisan makers in marginalised communities worlwide.

CLEAN CUT FASHION is an Australian social enterprise advocating progressive action for a positive impact fashion future. We support ethical and sustainable thought, innovation and practice as applied to the fashion industry and mobilise its far-reaching influence to inspire and enact positive change.

1 GIANT MIND is a non profit dedicated to the teaching people meditation and inspiring them to a daily practise of this mindfulness technique.

ONE FINE DAY runs weekly  art, film and dance schools iand creative arts programs to children in slums of Nairobi, Kenya

O AFRICA is dedicated to supporting communities in Ghana to educate their children and abolish the orphanage system

CONSCIOUS CLUB is an entertaining alternative to a unhealthy habits and promotes conscious living through regular events filled with inspiring experiences.

FREEDOM SUMMITS are events delivering vital information for life.

MARINA ABRAMOVIC INSTITUTE The legacy venture of the famed artist is a performance and creative space dedicated to supporting multi-disciplinary creative works of art.

THREADS OF LIFE is a Bali based foundation supporting craftspeople and communities from often remote areas all over the Indonesian archipelago in keeping their traditional crafts practises alive through purchasing their work and supporting the sustainable development of their lands.

PARLEY is a creative organisation whose self appointed client is the oceans, founder Cyrill Gutsch applies his creative and business skills in bringing cross disciplinary collaboration to bear on a client whose future effects humanity and the planet in the most vital way.

PACHAMAMA ALLIANCE is a non profit organisation founded by financial anthropologist Lynne Twist and the traditional peoples of the amazon, Peru who have partnered to create a model for sustainable tourism that directly supports the communities travellers visit and protect the rainforest home they live in.

This directory is evolutionary.

If you know of an organisation that you think should be on this list email us your contribution.

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