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Makeup Amanda Reardon Model Jess Gold  Hair Michele McQuillan using Evo Photographer Sam Hendel Fashion Editor Tiana Wallace

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artist, photographer \ vicki lee & ted o’donnell

Tiana Wallace BonfireVanities Editor interviews her friend artist Vicki Lee and partner, photographer Ted ODonnell

Here we present selected art pieces from their collaboration show entitled Is/Wet


Photographer Tim Ashton, Hair and Makeup Naomi McFadden, Sittings Editor Tiana Wallace. Vicki and Ted were shot in Sydney Sept, 2013

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T.W. When and how did you start making art?
V.L. I spent many hours tracing my hand all over a wall in our family home when I was younger. The heights and colours of the handprints varied over the years and by the time we left when I was 8, Id made a huge array of rainbow coloured hands all at different angles. Its the best thing ive ever made.

T.W. How do you define art?
V.L. To me art is first separating and then aligning the idea of healing vs damage.
There is a time for healing and there is a time for damage. The courage to expose those 2 parts of yourself, whether separately of together is what art is to me.
and that is capturing ‘beautiful’.

T.W. What does art mean to you?

V.L. Painting is a release for me. Unload, heal, spaz out, whatever you want to call it. Then gain, accumulate and do damage again. Then repeat the process. In, out, in, out. Everything good works in a circular motion, right?

T.W. What or who has been an influence in your creative expression?

V.L. My friends. They’re all nuts and supremely hot and beautiful. I really believe in spending time with people who make you a bigger, bolder version of yourself.

T.W. How have you progressed as an artist since you started?

V.L. My studio used to be on a huge slant and now it isnt. Now I can make straight paintings and not just really sad looking ones.

T.W. What changed for you the moment you thought of yourself as an artist? V.L. All the things that used to make me feel weird about myself I was more willing to let slide. Like being so obsessed with colour to the level that I am..or describing tastes with sound, and a general sensory skewer.

T.W. When did this happen?

V.L. This year when I went away for work and couldn’t paint for a few months. I realised it is something I need to do. And no one should take the word ‘need’ lightly. I made it more of a priority when I returned home.

T.W. What is the difference between an artist and a designer to you?

V.L. Art is interpreted, design is understood. Both are about beauty and style.

T.W. What concepts are you thinking about right now?
V.L. They always centre around the flow. Im obsessed with movement.
Even if its backward motion, its still motion. I love staying still sometimes, just to feel the movement all around me and inside me.

T.W. What means the most to you?
V.L. Maximising life. In all its aspects, especially in my capacity to give and receive love.

T.W. What is your favourite word?
V.L. Pleasure

T.W. What is your favourite object?
V.L. Right now it is this blow torch I got to melt oil crayons.
Yesterday it was this really expensive soap I bought. Favourite objects change every few mins.