She, the flower-child emerges in twilights bloom



Hair Jenny Kim Model Marthe Wiggers Makeup Max May Photographer Sam Hendel Stylist Tiana Wallace

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Flora developed out of a dreamed up story about an innocent, sometimes sad young girl and an obsession with a TV show about religious zealots in middle America. You know the one, Big Love with Chloe Sevigny and all the wives, well I had a big big love for that show. What influenced me here was the quirky same same style of the commune women and their strange matching hairstyles harking back to the early 1900′s with a dash of 70′s Laura Ashley thrown in for good measure. As I delved into the dream she became a fusion of sweet but slightly creepy and strangely troubled girl characters from Tess of the D’urbervilles to Miranda in Picnic at Hanging Rock to the Lisbon girls in The Virgin Suicides. She never quite told us her name but we know that she wrote a diary and was dreamily contemplating flowers the day she realised she had grown up but didnt quite know what that entailed. Enjoy the stories shadowy naivety.


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