Ignite and Fly

Rebel yell, feast in hell, leather-clad in hot-rod highs, a sacrificial blaze smolders on, lit by her fevered roar.



Hair Jenny Kim using Kevin Murphy Model Stephanie Carta Photographer Ted O’Donnell Fashion Editor Tiana Wallace  Makeup Victoria Baron using Nars @ Mecca Cosmetica

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The inspiration behind this shoot was the inception of BonfireVanities, the intention was to light a huge fire in a mine in the bush in the middle of nowhere. Crazy winds whipped up and prevented us from doing this as well as blowing a rail full of clothes almost right over! In freezing conditions we battled on and with the help of mother nature easily produced the desired result of burning angst and frustration. Our theme, Firebird is about destruction and renewal through fire, and the birth of creative expression. Enjoy the first installment of Bonfire Vanities!




I am the god of hellfire and I bring you….fire

Arthur Brown, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

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