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Ginger and the Ghost is Missy Gilbert and Daniel Bourne, interviewed here by their dear friend, fellow creator and artist Michelle Packwood of Dolcey and Duke.



Known for her fantastical costumes and crazy set creations, this collaboration started when Missy called me and asked to loan some pieces from my vintage collection for Ginger and the Ghosts USA tour and shows at SXSW2013. After a styling session in my treasure trove I sent her off with lurex bodysuits, long dresses fit for Guinevere and purple feathers flying. And boy did she do them justice! That bodysuit barely came off her the whole trip and featured in the 3 part video clip Choose Your Own Dreamstate they made along the way. Their multi-genre fantasy world is about continually creating and collaborating with friends and other creatives, which is why we love them!



Missy and Dan were shot in NYC by photographer Adrian Mesko Hair Eloise Cheung, Makeup William Murphy and in Australia by photographer Nick Lawrence, April 2013

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Synergy: The interaction of multiple elements in a system to produce an effect different from or greater than the sum of their individual effects.

Missy, Daniel and I have been friends for some 7 years now. They feel more like my brother and sister, than friend. Perhaps from another lifetime, in another dimension.  It is not often, that friendships flower into the multiple facets that this one has. I have to admit it is special.

Creatively we all speak the same language, often finishing each others sentences and bouncing off each other with an ease that makes coming together to work and collaborate incredibly organic. Together and separately they endlessly inspire me. They dream big and work hard to see those dream actualise and have always given me the courage to do the same.

Ginger And The Ghost is a special project of theirs, that I have watched them develop since its inception. I knew the first time I heard their music, that they had created something magical.
Now the world is starting to listen…



M.P. The theme of this BV post is Eclipse. Its about the movement of light to dark, shadows passing, planets and the larger forces of nature and their reflection on human beings. What are your thoughts about the themes that are evoked by these and are they present in your music,  video work and art installations?

G.G. We definitely think deeply about the extent of imagination and always come back to the balance of light and dark.  It is a clear intention to use submissive sounds with courageous voice to develop a power in song. For me this can only bring you back to the point of light and dark.  In fact our one quote for our project is the darkness and the light, which to us translates as tension and release

M.P. Who are you? Who is Ginger and the Ghost?

G.G.  We are creators, I don’t like to make a bold statement as to say I am an artist as such although we are constantly within that realm. I would say personally (Ginger) I’d consider myself more a curator of mediums.  I don’t have a particular style or conscious direction more a mood and feeling that relates to my work, I think Daniel feels the same. I create installation art/props/create film clips/costumes/spaces/interiors/objects Whatever I feel like dabbling in, both of us just kinda jump in the deep end and design little world I guess! That relates to GINGER AND THE GHOST because we have collected all of our skills and years of production and creation to develop the inner workings of something that is truly our aesthetic.  It’s a complete vision, not just a musical journey

M.P. When people ask me what genre is Ginger & the Ghost, I find it hard to box. Too many words come to mind to describe it, but no one genre does it justice. How do you describe Ginger & the Ghost?

G.G.  Feels like its better left unsaid, We make this so others can have there own perception.  It’s important not to give my take on catagorising it!

M.P. You and Dan are both hugely creative people in your day jobs. What inspires your songwriting? And where is your favourite place to make music?

G.G. As a songwriter the most beautiful moment is when you grab a word or an image that may trigger you and you let it take you away.  Those moments of daydreaming are where I begin the process.  Usually it’s natural surroundings that pull me into a comfortable state of mind. Most songs come from a deep understanding of myself and they reflect back onto me when Daniel plays, its like he mirrors my words and intention with sounds. So, my favourite place to write is definitely any place with him….. Funny

M.P. The album feels like there is this passing of time. I’m interested to know more about how this and the themes that thread through the album?

G.G.  it began with a narration of sorts, bouncing back from Daniels guitar plucking I found myself becoming a flower and imagined myself being a small daisy in the field outside of the recording studio window. I imagined the trees overwhelmingly tall standing in a uniformed line making me feel so small and then wanting to be pulled from my stem by the wind so I could stand over the forest walls and realise I was free from that feeling.  I realised it was the feeling of being a teenager so the title was named teenage flower. So, the album started there and slowly I wrote tales from the perspective if different ages. The album is based around 10 songs from that run through birth until death and even through the view of two star crossed lovers that unite after death. So, I guess that makes it a conceptual album…

M.P. The recording process for your album was quite unique. Tell me about that experience, your process and what you discovered?

G.G. We have both had projects within unique genres electronic/dance/rap folk/progressive rock/pop/indie but we had decided not to write or have any expectations on the sound that we would create.  That intention to remain neutral until record was pushed was really exciting.  It allowed us to grow organically into our sound. We recorded our album in a cement water tank that has a view of fields and ocean which is an amazing studio to be apart of. The experience lead us down many challenges because we had no map ahead of us to navigate through…. We were making it up with no roads ahead to guide us!

M.P.  You just finished making your 6th film clip for the single, The Mark of Hearts. Tell me about this song, its phase in the album, it themes, and the tactile fantasy land you created?

G.G. Yes! Wow! mental! we actually made 3 film clips for the last song so you could choose your own DREAMSTATE.
But, this one has definitely been the most challenging one to pull off technically.  It was a heavily prop based set, and I (ginger) decided to create a story surrounding an entire paper world that resembled elements of Iceland but  more like a Jim Henson production.

We worked with Puppeteers to create special choreography and used a state of the art fog projector screen which allowed the ghost to interact with me in the projection. The world became so much more intense when we took it into a contained area and not in nature as we usually are!

M.P. Where would your ideal place be to record your next album? why?

G.G. Iceland/Scandinavia/somewhere desolate/Wood fire cabin/miles of unique landscape or in a space ship looking out over the unicorn nebula.