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I’ve never seen a diamond in the flesh

I cut my teeth on wedding rings in the movies

And I’m not proud of my address,
In a torn-up town, no post code envy

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Daniella Rech interviewed by her friend model Rose Smith

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R.S What or who inspired you to become a photographer?
D.R On a trip to Malaysia with my little family i became obsessed with taking photos on my little shitty point and shot. I still have some of my favourite photographs from that trip. I also became obsessed with war photography and how just by looking a photograph i could be moved so much!

R.S If you weren’t a photographer what would be doing?
D.R I have become very obsessive over interior design lately and have even thought about going to uni to study it


R.S What is a destination that inspires you to shoot and why?

D.R I love places like Sri Lanka, India, Cambodia they make me feel so inspired to pick up my camera. I love how hard the people work yet they live such a free happy spirited life. There is something we can all learn from these places. You don’t need to have everything to be happy and live a beautiful life.

R.S Out of all your photographs which is your favourite?

D.R I’m really in Love with the one of Karlie Kloss running through the hedges in the Tuileries gardens in Paris. Also one i took of my husband Kannon and my son Rio on the beach in Thailand.

R.S Who would you most like to photograph in the world?

D.R I think it would of been amazing to go on tours in the 70′s like what Annie Leibovitz did with the Rolling Stones !! That would be INCREDIBLE !! I would choose someone slightly crazy, they alway seem to give amazing iconic pictures!!

R.S How do you approach your subjects in photography?

D.R I like to make them very comfortable and try to get the most natural image possible. I hate posing. I talk alot to my subjects. Its amazing how when someone is speaking how much they relax their body.

R.S What do you love most about life?

D.R That we can shape and mould our lives into what we want, it takes a lot of hard work and a lot of believing in yourself.  If you keep on going you will reach your dreams.

R.S What is it that draws you to shooting nudes?

D.R It really comes down to simplicity, i like to keep things natural and i love skin. But as I grow as a photographer things change and I have been visioning girls with more clothes on lately !!