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Daisy Duke meets Dolly Parton wrapped up in Brigitte Bardot. Meet our Coquette Queens. Dreamed up as a sultry homme femme combination, each girl suddenly smoldered as her alter-ego came alive whilst under the soft 70′s glow of Georges’ beautiful light.



Beauty should be deeper than your skin.
Living for the moment
Lips and lashes
Will I ever find my way again?

Bryan Ferry, Don’t Stop The Dance

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Tiah Eckhardt interviewed by her friend model and artist Amy Finlayson


Photographer Simon Lekias Artist Kitty Callaghan

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Tiah Eckhardt Delaney and I have been friends for over 10 years. Meeting through modelling in Perth at a very young age, we developed a strong relationship and grew to embrace each others stories, styles and successes.
Over time we have lived together, worked together and been there for each other no matter how far apart our work can takes us.
We are currently living on opposite sides of the world. I am in Sydney, Australia and she is in San Francisco, USA, but that doesn’t mean we don’t take every moment we can to catch up, gossip, vent, and share just like true friends do.
Whenever Tiah comes back to Sydney for work we make time to be together, to hang out and also share our love of fashion, art, lingerie and creativity. I learn a lot from Tiah.
She is a shining example of a strong modern woman. Juggling her roles as a model, mother, wife, lingerie blogger, friend and daughter, she never ceases to amaze me with her determination to forge and solidify a strong and up to date representation of femininity. Her blog The Daily Knicker is as witty and clever as it is sensual and sexy, and this balance makes Tiah a perfect example of a modern day woman.
I took some time to chat with my darling friend about notions of femininity and masculinity, power, pin-ups and of course, lingerie.

amy:Babe HI!!!

amy: Missed the call sorry, lets chat over this if possible?

Tiah Delaney: Ok, I’m using Skype on my phone so bear with me with typing etc

amy: So I basically just wanted to chat to you about masculinity/femininity and notions of sex and desire which is always fun.

Tiah Delaney: Always. You know me… I love contradictions and binary oppositions!

amy: Let’s jump right in, like any good sexual escapade. In regards to lingerie, how do you feel it impacts power relations in a relationship? Eg, Do you feel it is a tool of empowerment for the modern woman?

Tiah Delaney: I think it (lingerie) is a power tool in a day-to-day sense. Like, for a woman. People love to add sexual connotations to lingerie- and it certainly has them- but personally, I don’t think that’s what it’s about. It’s about feeling luxurious and put together, for yourself. I think the second you ‘do’ lingerie solely for a man, for a sexual reason, it loses a bit of power. It almost flips it. That’s what I find anyway. It something that goes from ‘empowering’ to almost ‘subservient’ the second it’s done for someone else. Not to say that that can’t be fun… Men don’t tend to give a shit about lingerie anyway in my experience.

amy: Yeah I totally understand that. I think a lot of women see lingerie as something FOR men in order to impress them/ to sexually desirable. If it’ s seen as something to empower women, it moves into a different territory. The whole “burning of the bra” back in the 60′s was in order to ‘liberate’ women, how do you feel that lingerie these days moves women into a different realm? How should we USE it?

amy: Is it a feeling/ emotion?

Tiah Delaney: Selfishly. I think that’s the point. Wearing amazing lingerie non-chalantly is definitely hot, when it’s deliberately FOR someone else, I can see how it’s be less so. Everyone is sexier when they look good and have an “I don’t give a shit” attitude. Looking equally as good and seeming to seek approval is less so. I think, want it comes down to, is looking hot for yourself.

Tiah Delaney: An ex of mine didn’t used to wear underwear at all. And for some reason I found really hot. That ‘don’t give a fuck’ attitude about it and maybe the fact it was the complete opposite of me! It was really fitting!

amy: HAHA “fitting” is an ironic term in that sentence. It comes down to self confidence a lot then I suppose? Do you think independence and confidence are key factors in a “modern day pin-up”? What other defining factors would you consider viable?

Tiah Delaney: Well, I guess some jeans are so tight it’s unnecessary.. Haha… I mean, I wouldn’t wear a bra under a corset, y’know?
Confidence, yes, but confidence can be personal and quiet. And sometimes, I think it’s nice to be not too self-assured… Vulnerability can be attractive too. Personally, I like a mix of the two. I think that’s sexy. Pin-ups essentially have always held a mixture of confidence and power with vulnerability. Just being in a position where you’re looked at gives you that in itself, let alone being held as being something. Like an idea of ‘desirable’. You’re powerful because you’ve got someones attention, powerful because you’re inciting a feeling in them, but you’re still a little vulnerable no matter what, because you’re also in a position to be criticized.

amy: Certainly. I think you would have experienced that a lot when dabbling with burlesque? What would you say to those who consider this performance degrading to women? (not that this is at all my point of view- I love a nipple tasstle)

Tiah Delaney: Like, being looked at or being photographed or painted, it puts you in a power position where you’re commanding attention, but it also gives other people an opportunity to lay their judgement on you. But as with a lot of art- I feel pinup too- what the viewer has to say about a piece of art or it’s subject often says more about the viewer than the art!

Tiah Delaney: Well, my above continuation of the previous question kind of answers that too!

amy: Totally. All forms of art are subjective and laden with experience and personal contexts.

Tiah Delaney: Exactly!

Tiah Delaney: And I feel like, in an age where you can see mid-range, mainstream celebrities like Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton’s vagina’s on the Internet, me dancing around to 40′s big-band music is pretty tame!

Tiah Delaney: I used to run around naked for most of my life, mostly ’cause it was comfortable. Still do. If someone looks at that and thinks nudity is perverse or degrading, I think it really speaks volumes about their sexuality and/or the way they feel about their own body.

amy: Yes. We certainly are over saturated when it comes to cheap sex and tacky imagery. Porn and all things verging on porn are so prolific in our society. Burleque is much more of a controlled form of art and performance. Coming back to the “modern woman”, you are certainly a prime example of a strong female role model. Mother, wife, daughter, friend, model, blogger, etc etc etc….This certainly differs from the stereotype of the 50′s female…. Women are obviously much more empowered. However do you feel there are contradictory power struggles in any of these roles? As in the Madonna complex conversation we were having with Mr Lekias that night at dinner?

Tiah Delaney: Well I think those two things relate. I think we are saturated with this inaccurate, 2-dimensional, ‘porny’ sexuality. It’s like, oh… orange flavored cordial compared to 100% fresh orange juice- it’s not the same thing! We need to be focusing on more respectful, intelligent sexuality. Fun for everyone. Not just girls PRETENDING their having fun. I think the Madonna/Whore complex is born out of this too. We’re so keen to put people in boxes ‘teen this’ & ‘teen that’ bullshit that makes up 90% of porn and women over 25 are classified as ‘MILF’s and treated like a fetish- it’s ridiculous!!! Like, as soon as you’re old enough to have a career, or a baby or get married, you cease to be sexual? Or attractive? Um, no!

amy: Yeah porn is an unfortunate inaccurate guide for young men. Its sad isn’t it.

Tiah Delaney: Well, it’s inaccurate because there are not just ‘teens’ and ‘MILF’s’ in the world- And why does it have to be labelled like that? It’s fetishizing age for age’s sake alone… I see so many guys get all hot & bothered over not-so-great 18yr olds but show ZERO interest in STUNNING 24yr olds sheerly just because Redtube has told them”Oh, 18 is this hottest thing a girl can be, no matter what”
And I think fashion- well, advertising at least- follows on from that. I don’t care what anyone says, all media & advertising is selling things that we hope will make people like us, usually our sexual targets. Or to a lesser extent, our peers in the hope they’ll think we’re cool. High fashion can verge on asexual art. And then there’s small place in the middle where it blurs. I like that place.

amy: Do you think the fashion industry reflects this as well? “They only want you when you are 17, when you’re 21, you’re no fun?”

Tiah Delaney: I think models getting younger definitely reflects this fetishizing of youth by men. Speaking of porn, remember when it used to be quite buxom, curvaceous women in them? Now it’s all extremely skinny, petite girls with small breasts. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!- but they’re all dressed to look like 14year olds- it’s a bit concerning! I think it definitely relates to fashion… I mean, just look at current fashion models compared to the 90′s supes!

amy: Yeah and I seem to remember we found a vintage Victoria’s Secret catalogue once… It was divine. All 70′s and fluffy… tits, ass and curves photographed in the most romantic way possible. It seems funny that the women have gotten skinnier and younger but the power and independence of women in society has gotten stronger.

amy: When I say “women” I mean “girls”…. no one refers to models as “women” these days.

amy: Do you think Kate Upton is a good role model for women currently?

Tiah Delaney: Yeah, it was wonderful! So natural! And way more variation than we usually see in the media and lingerie catalogues now.
I think- and I’m gonna sound like a total feminazi now- that as women have gradually gained more equality and independence- the physical standards society holds up keep becoming more unattainable. As a means of control. If you make ‘the physical ideal’ only attainable by devoting all your time to it, then it’s time that you can’t devote to something more cerebral!

amy: So we are our own worst enemy?

amy: We are almost TOO clever? hahaha

Tiah Delaney: No, we’re just stuck in the same game as every other woman! But concentrated!

Tiah Delaney: And with higher stakes!

amy: So we are more empowered mentally but less empowered physically?

Tiah Delaney: No, we’re as equally mentally capable of everything as men are- but if we have to use a huge chunk of that mental energy worrying about how we look, but men don’t- then we’re held back. It’s how the patriarchy is hanging onto it’s last shred of power in western society and the first world!

amy: materialism -consumerism

amy: its all about money haha

Tiah Delaney: It’s not all about money…
It’s about power. Money is just a delightful by-product of power for those who have it.

Tiah Delaney: Oh, hahaha… I took that as different to how you meant it. Yes, women are too smart… And making them be obsessed with their looks is a way to keep them down! But you know… I realise how ridiculous it is for me to say that, doing what I do for a living

amy: Yes but being full of contradictions and oppositions is the best part of life- like a multi faceted diamond we shine brighter!!

Tiah Delaney: For example, I used to get A+s in school without even trying. I used to read the dictionary for fun and confound adults. And I have felt myself get increasingly more stupid over the years, ever time I’ve had to spend half-an hour doing sit-ups to keep my job instead of reading philosophy.

amy: Yeah its hard to maintain both ideals. I guess the goal is to lie somewhere in the middle. An area where things aren’t quite defined and perfect but still pleasing in their own right.

amy: On that note i will wrap it up my darling, thank you so much for your time and contributions. Always witty and exciting banter. Love you so much.

Tiah Delaney: I’ve gotta put Finley in bed and go sleepies!- it’s after midnight and I’m e.x.h.a.u.s.t.e.d. Haven’t been sleeping well lately! Xox

amy: Love you heaps!

amy: Thank you again and kiss Finley for me