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Only in dreams we have been devoured and succumb to the anonymous

Without dreams we are stagnant,

With dreams we believe

Our mind churns and our body aches,

Our soul lightens and our lessons grow great,

Our heart grows warmer or colder with spite but yet love seems sweeter and more of a delight

Only in dreams does music score to our every action and every door,

Opened or closed,

Future or past, we float

Annabella Barber


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Annabella Barber interviewed here by her friend photographer Sylve Colless

I find Annabella Barber to be one of the most fascinating creatures I have met in a long time.
Its creepy, as if I’m Lord Henry and she is my Dorian Gray. I’m almost certain she has lived several, if not many lives before this one.

She possesses a soothing kind of self assurance, the type that that makes you feel at ease while you are eyeing her up wondering what her parents look like, how can such a perfectly dainty little creature be fo’ real? and am I gay or straight.. and why are you so damn nice?!

Playful, witty, and funny. She has a cinematic quality about her, the tactful flirtation of a screen siren from the yesteryear. And this is just a lick of the surface. And I might add she has a voice like honey.. S.C


Hair Jenny Kim Makeup Natasha Severino Photographer Sam Hendel Sittings Editor Tiana Wallace

Full Story

S.C. Ive heard you sing and play piano tell me more about that

A.B. Yes, I have had the pleasure of growing up in a very musical enviroment, my dutch family is very much like a gypsy band I would call it! From a very young age I sung and had to learn to play the piano, I had big dreams of becoming an opera singer after high school but life took it turns (for good ofcourse). I made a promise with myself that I would always keep music around me and one day it would be something I would share with people again, one of my first pay checks in Sydney I brought a keyboard as well as my first in NYC (Not the best thing to travel with). Since being settled in Sydney for a little while longer I am playing more and hope to share very soon!

S.C. What type of music do you love?

A.B. I grew up in a very classical environment but since leaving home and traveling I have found love with all types of music. At the moment I tend to gravitate to music that moves me or I can try to sing along to.. ALT J is amazing and I am obsessed with the lead singers voice of London Grammar, Hannah Reid.

S.C. How does music influence your work?

A.B. I have found that I cant live without music, through my travels its something that grounds me, inspires me makes me break down and cry and can make such a happy place. When I’m shooting music is the tool that allows me to embody a character or a feeling that the photographer might want to capture in the shot. I think that’s important!

S.C. What is something we dont know about you, tell us a secret!

A.B. Well one secret would be the music , only close friends have heard me sing and play! secret two is…

S.C. What new projects are you working on at present?

A.B. I have a few projects underway, hence staying in Australia this long! music has become a big part of my life again and film is something I am dipping my toes into. I am also collaborating with a few people I love on other things but will have to see what comes out of the wood work.

S.C. What is something that is close to your heart?

A.B. Family and friends, I love love and being around people that share there life with me.

S.C. Who do you admire and why

A.B. I admire people that have no fear and dream big, Thats why living in New York was so amazing, the people inspired me constantly with there journeys and dreams. I feel like nothing is the limit when I am surrounded by people like that.

S.C. What is sensuality to you?

A.B. Sensuality is beauty from the inside it, it is more a feeling then a look. Its a confidence and a surrendering to the skin your in.

S.C. Do you have any religiouscosmic beliefs?

A.B. I believe that things happen for a reason, timing is key and karma is always watching. The law of potentially is something I constantly remind myself of. In the life I lead I must give in to the fact that I am motivated and dream big but sometimes you cant control the outcome of your plan.