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Invoking the light, and the deepening dark. Natures soft sandy floor met the winds low roar and a black clad figure stepped, squinted and sat shading her eyes from the sunset light.

A study in masculine feminine both, natures play and boyish ways, soft severe.  She wove through the reeds with fearless grace while the light dappled her skin and threw hot shadows lancing at her cheeks.

We could have been on the prairie or in the African savannah but we were home, here, home, simple and sweet.

The biggest, sweetest puppy eyes met me as I introduced myself to the adorable India Rose whose hair incidentally is out of a fairytale, what tresses she possesses! She picked up the strand of our story with effortless ease and dropped into position in tune with the mood of each look I threaded around her. Tight team, raw organic flow is a favourite formula of mine. It has led to the creation of some treasured images and always makes for a smooth, memorable and joyful day. The quiet ease with which we worked that beautiful afternoon I think is what has brought these images the evocative and quiet emotion that they embody.

My thanks to Sam, Ida, Helen & Mirjan at Island Luxe